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Nintendo Gameboy DMG001 Black edition

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The Game Boy (DMG-001 model) is a Nintendo manufactured portable handheld released initially in 1989. It was the first dedicated 8-bit handheld system from the company using interchangeable cartridges to play many different titles. It featured a 2.6″ 4-shade LCD, stereo sound through headphones, and interchangeable cartridges. The button layout was based on that of the Nintendo Entertainment System controller. It used 4 AA batteries, but could also be used with an AC Adapter to power the system from a wall socket. Of the many handheld systems to use ROM cartridges, the Game Boy was the most popular of its time.The Game Boy system plays all of your favorite Game Boy games.

This set includes-

  • Black hand-held system
  • 2 AAA batteries


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Black, White


Black, White